Traditional Poster Frames & Print Displays with Wood Construction

Wooden Poster Frames in a Variety of Styles & Sizes

What is the best way to give an institution or atmosphere a vintage yet classy appearance? A wood poster frame accentuates sign inserts while warmly blending with existing decorations and fixtures. There is a massive array of configurations and colors to choose from, so matching a particular print is done with ease. The wood poster frame, also referred to as a ready-made wooden picture holder, comes in a basic or swinging wall mounted layout as well as a free-standing configuration. The various traditional picture displays are frequently implemented in professional offices, waiting areas, retail businesses, and even residences in some instances. In these locations, the wooden poster frame highlights advertising art and personal picture postings. Long-lasting craftsmanship is a standard feature of every option, even though the economical prices do not reflect such high quality. offers poster frames with wood designs that look great yet are certain to last. Find the most viable model for your intended use or sign!Poster Frames

Do these traditional framing displays include removable matting?
  • Most of the smaller wood poster frames do include a white mat board that can either be taken out or left in, depending on individual preference and the size of print.
  • The larger picture solutions do not come equipped with matboards. This is due to the layouts. For example, units with wide profiles generally look better without matting around postings, so they usually do not incorporate them.
  • There are other larger swing-open models that do include mats, so shoppers may want to check there as well.

One of the more popular styles is the wall mounting case that features hinges. This swinging design of the wooden picture displays offers simple functionality while looking great. In addition, the sturdy design ensures that the units will last for years, even in commercial or high-volume environments. Each size is developed, purchased, and/or stocked based on customer demand. Favorite dimensions, like 8-1/2" x 11" (letterhead), 11" x 17", and 18" x 24", are kept in stock at all times to accommodate varying requirements. Several larger versions are also available.

Ready-Made Poster FramingStandard poster framing is another way to go. These models mount directly to walls and include matting for holding multiple sizes of postings. Some offer a choice of more than one color, so shoppers can appropriately decorate their locations. A similar but slightly different ready-made option is the shadow box display. This unit has a deep set profile that adds depth to displayed items. The word "items" is used because the frame will actually hold memorabilia in addition to simply picture or art prints. In fact, push pins are included with every purchase just for this reason. The final style of sign holder is the floor stand. These large wooden fixtures are standalone lobby displays that are perfect for advertising and distributing information. Many of these selections are equipped with brochure pockets, so supplementary pamphlets and print-outs can be presented alongside sizable postings.

What sizes are accessible for the wooden poster framing?
  • Wooden Sign EnclosureThe dimensions offered are largely dependent on the style that is selected.
  • For those interested in the wall mounted art fixtures, there are a few options. One choice fits legal (11" x 14") sized postings without the mat in place but will accept 5" x 7" when using the matting. There is a similar style that has a mat board for 8" x 10" prints, as well. The 11" x 17" model is shipped without an inner boarder and will display full images.
  • The shadow box is sized to accommodate up to 16" x 20" picture displays but a number of smaller arrangements are possible with the supplied pins.
  • As mentioned briefly above, the swing framed models come in a variety of unique and practical sizes.
  • Last but not least are the poster stands, which are all sized for 22" x 28" art inserts. These are the largest of the collection and will even hold some movie postings.

Although most of the ready-made holders for sign notices are built for business use, many are ideal for home or office applications. Highlight wedding photographs or snaps from a recent family vacation with one of these picture holders. All of the smaller art displays sold here are wall mounting, which enables users to save space atop tables, desks, and counters. Order frames with mat boards for more versatility. Matting will make a picture look sophisticated and stylish, so choose the model that's best for you!

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