Enhanced In-Store Electronic Marketing with Flat Panel Video

In-Store Electronic Marketing with Enhanced SplashBox Technology

enhanced in-store electronic marketing

What are the benefits of adding enhanced in-store electronic marketing to current static and digital signage in a showroom? Providing an augmented shopping experience with retail technology boosts consumer confidence in a brand or product line. Supplement print ads and digital browsing stations that are currently in your showroom with these enhanced in-store electronic marketing displays. Expand on traditional brick-and-mortar merchandising tools with powerful retail technology that brings products to life inside clear cases infused with LED lighting. Our enhanced in-store electronic marketing captivates customers with informative visuals that are also entertaining. This revolutionary promotional tool builds product information and messaging right into the modern display case. This retail technology is used in showrooms across the country to excite customers about new merchandise and keep them returning. This not only builds brand loyalty, but it of course boosts sales.

How does this groundbreaking retail technology work, exactly?
  • SplashBox enhanced in-store electronic marketing brings newly launched products to life by putting the focus on the featured item using LED lighting and branded content that plays across a translucent LCD front panel. Pre-recorded media presentations are projected onto the liquid crystal display in front of displayed wares. The panel acts as a miniature flat screen TV built into the show box. Customized videos, logos, and taglines can be looped continuously for uninterupted advertising.
  • Pre-recorded MP4 visual media presentations are transferred via the 4GB SD memory card or USB jump drive and projected onto the front panel of the shadowbox. The liquid crystal displays offer crisp, clear, eye-catching results due to 1280 x 720 screen resolution. Products within these showcases "pop" inside the cases in busy showrooms and trade show booths. OEMs are able to deploy professional media presentations with specs and statistics using these 3-D enclosure frames to give clients a complete picture of what a product can do for their business.
  • SplashBox video animation example
  • Enhanced in-store electronic merchandising adds dimension to current static print advertisements and digital kiosk presentations, by combining platforms that take your marketing plan to the next level. Acrylic shadowboxes with LED light strips and front panel video capability highlight newly launched merchandise. Engage customers instantly with specialty box signs that display promotional messages with customized video and rolling text. Showcase a three-dimensional item inside a clear “box” while playing product information or company backstory in front of the displayed item. SplashBox innovations help customers make informed buying decisions.

Electronic marketing that is interactive builds customer confidence in your brand and merchandise. These promotional tools helps merchandisers create exciting and augmented brick-and-mortar environments. Provide visitors with video presentations that call out positive testimonials, highlight product features, or tell a captivating brand story to add context to highlighted merchandise. Modern digital display tools add glamor and sophistication to luxury boutiques, hospital gift stores, mall kiosks, and duty-free airport shops. Deploy this technology at movie theaters, travel agencies, trade shows and casinos. Electronic store marketing adds theatrical elements to your location that pique customer interest and engagement.

Specialty signage with LCD technology adds drama to promotional campaigns, with moving images and messaging that sets your merchandise showcases apart from competitor displays. Working across multiple platforms is the best way to widen brand reach while introducing clients to wares and services. Engage customers using digital shadow boxes by SplashBox that are the building blocks of successful augmented advertising campaigns. The more channels marketers use to underscore branded content, the more connection points customers make, and they more they “stick” to your brand. These shadowboxes are 3-D "frames" that drive traffic into your showroom and help create long-term brand loyalty.

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