22x28 Poster Stands with Side, Top or Front Loading Graphics Holders

22 x 28 Poster Frames - Metal Sign Holders for Advertising & Marketing Displays

22 x 28 poster stands

Do you need 22 x 28 poster stands for your commercial business, school, or office location? These floor-standing frame displays are so practical because of their "no-nonsense" design. These large sign holders for retail are durably crafted from strong metal to last, yet are very economically priced. Square tube construction ensures the print holders will withstand the typical wear and tear of sales or service environments. For this reason, the 22 x 28 poster stands, sometimes referred to as floor-standing frame displays, are commonly used in heavily trafficked areas. So why use these sign stands for marketing in your store? Users are able to create bi-directional sign presentations that are sure to draw in customers. Each of the poster frames will work for a variety of applications, so companies and organizations of all sizes can take advantage. Our live inventory E-store thoroughly explains the various versions available as well as their amenities. AllPosterFrames.com sells this premium quality poster frame at a lower cost, so every purchaser is able to afford it. Keep patrons informed without spending a fortune!

What are the features of floor-standing frame displays?
  • 22 x 28 poster stands are manufactured from square aluminum tubing that makes up the simple configurations. Every model is outfitted with floor levelers, which ensure that the unit remains stable in all environments.
  • Top-loading poster framing systems fit 22" x 28" postings. Double-sided units can easily accommodate two of the same graphic or a different image on each side. No lenses are enclosed with the readymade stands in order to keep the price down.
  • Different finish colors enable businesses to match existing d├ęcor and fixtures. Selections include both solid colors and speckled designs.
Where are the best places to use 22" x 28" graphics stands?
  • Retail locations often set up the sign holders to attract attention new merchandise. Some store managers utilize them for sale postings and event notices.
  • Schools, universities, community buildings, and college or corporate campuses use freestanding wayfinding signage to help visitors navigate.
  • Travel agencies take advantage of the high visibility of these stands to highlight specialty services, popular destinations and vacation hotspots for marketing purposes.
  • Shopping malls, transportation terminals, and offices put up the print art display fixtures to direct patrons to the right areas.

These versatile aluminum frames come in a variety of configurations to match any graphics display need. Double-sided units may feature one, two, or even three tiers for up to six postings. Because these freestanding sign displays are so popular, many styles include have brochure pockets for takeaway literature, making them ideal for service businesses and organizations. Oval bottomed fixtures have wider bases for added stability. While all the ready-made displays for postings are ideal for high traffic areas, the single-sided lobby fixtures are specifically designed to attract customer attention as they pass by. The wide variety of display holders for 22" x 28" graphics demonstrates how popular these high visibility fixtures are with businesses and organizations in almost every industry.

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