Large Poster Stands | Oversized Floor Standing Frames for Trade Shows

Large Poster Stands - Flat, Curved & Wave-Design Frames in Black or Silver

large poster stand

Want to use large poster stands to make your large-format graphics really stand out from a host of other designs. These tall poster totem displays for huge signs are just the way to do it! The large poster stands that sit on floors have height measurements that start at 47" and go up to 92" overall. And if a big and basic frame isn’t enough, there are curved holders that have 18" or 24" wide prints with extras, like acrylic trays and pockets for distributing literature. The large poster stands, such as tall poster totem displays, are perfect for use at trade shows to make sure that your booth is the one to which customers flock! The exhibition graphics will be placed in either a black or silver frame for the ability to fit into any style of setting. The tall poster totem display with metal construction is meant to be durable and so is able to withstand placement in busy walkways with lots of customer traffic. Because many of the trade show signs are double-sided they are able to lure in those passersby from multiple directions!

In what sizes are the tall poster totem displays sold?
  • These large poster stands come in different widths & lengths depending on the design of the holder.
  • These displays are available in flat styles including 22" x 56", 22" x 69" and 30" x 80" holders,of which the latter is one of the biggest models avaukabke.
  • The large poster exhibits that are wave shaped come with prints that measure 18" x 77", 24" x 47" & 24" x 77" and have acrylic trays with varying widths as well.
  • Lastly, the large-format convex units are sold in sizes that range from 18" x 72" to 24" x 72" with a lens that is screwed into the frame to keep it in place and make changing displays easier.

There are a few features of the poster stands that have not previously been mentioned that should be noted. The majority of these displays are made of aluminum for a good mix of durability, affordability, and portability. Many of these huge floor signs also come with some kind of plastic or otherwise protective barrier that keeps the extra big graphics save from damage or accumulation of dust. While these aluminum single and double-sided stands are similar, one of the drastic differences is how they load their large-format prints. These holders may have snap frames that are one of the easiest designs for frequent or rapid signage changes. The large poster exhibits might feature a top-insert style that is also fairly simple to accomplish. Lastly, there trade are show displays that may need the sign to slide into position using side channels, but again these are quite easy to use.

Oversize floor display fixtures can be used in many settings. Trade shows, exhibitions, or conventions are the likely places where these huge sign frames can be seen used. Malls and other large, indoor shopping centers use the big prints to broadcast sales or important information to customers. Airports are also a common place to see the over-sized advertising units in action. Showrooms and other retail spots employ the graphics to make sure that patrons are well-informed about the newest merchandise or trends in the marketplace. Movie theaters are also a likely place to catch these exhibition units in the act of marketing the latest release. No matter how the displays are used, they are sure to grab the attention of whoever passes by!

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