Poster Display Stands | 24” x 36” Floor Standing Graphics & Literature Holders

Poster Display Stands - Freestanding 24" x 36" Frames in Many Styles & Configurations

poster display stand

Looking for a way to use a poster display stand to increase visibility of 24" x 36" graphics? Use floor standing sign holders with large frames and passersby won’t help but notice the information placed in the display. The large selection of exhibition racks in this category helps customers to find the promotional design that is best for them. The poster display stands, like floor standing sign holders, are designed to be indoor units ideal for placement on a sales floor or to enhance an already present marketing strategy. There are really just two colors available, black and silver, but either shade will add an air of sophistication to the setting where they are placed. The poster display stand that is double sided is also available with literature pockets to place information about services or special sales. The aluminum floor standing sign holders come with front loading snap frames or top insert cases to quickly and easily showcase graphics. No matter where the exhibition pedestals are used, they are sure to make a statement.

What are the sizes & styles of floor standing sign holders that are available here?.
  • These poster display stands are designed to support 24" x 36" graphics in portrait and landscape orientations..
  • These holders are also offered with two different image loading styles: front-loading as with snap frames or top insert, which is more of a traditional feature.
  • These poster display pedestals are sold in various heights as well. The selections all hold the aforementioned sign sizes, but they may stand off the floor 75", 87", or even 94" for a design that is unable to be missed!

These stands are available with many other features too, some fairly standard and other more specific to certain styles. These displays may come as single and double-sided sign frames with literature holders that are available on one or both sides of the rack. The bases of the trade show unit that sit on floors come in several shapes, round, square, or rectangular, but the metal fixtures themselves may also come in more unique designs, like convex snap frame units or top-insert curved holders. The majority of the units are only able to present vertical images, but a few floor stands turn the graphics horizontally.

Wherever these poster display pedestals are used they are sure to make heads turn. Some of the units like those that come with metal or acrylic literature holders are perfect for businesses that also want to market services by distributing flyers or brochures. The horizontal floor stands are great for use in malls or office building as directory signs to help patrons find their way. There are more contemporary sign frames that feature interesting back panels or lighted designs that are great for a trade show where memorable graphics and displays are best. The basic racks with just a single or double-sided image and no literature holders are great for promoting sales in department stores, makeup boutiques, and many retail stores!

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