Custom Printed Backlit Posters with Full Color Graphics for Illuminated Light Box Displays

Custom Printed Illuminated Posters - Backlit Color Graphics for Light Box Signage

backlit posters

What makes custom printed backlit posters different from regular graphics for branded or custom signage? While images printed on "normal" paper can be used in many of our light boxes, signs printed using a special saturation process on translucent media such as Duratrans are the best way to take full advantage of the special features offered by LED-illuminated graphics. Digitally printed custom backlit posters will look slightly darker than regular graphics when used without special illumination, due to the large volume of ink required by a double printing pass. This high saturation of ink is what increases both contrast and richness of hue when light passes through the final image from the back, leading to brighter, more vibrant images. Full color backlit posters, also known as customized illuminated light box displays, have long been used for advertising purposes due to their high visibility in any environment. Our translucent graphics films can be used to recreate custom art, logos and designs in a wide variety of sizes to fit any of our energy-efficient LED light boxes.

How are these light box displays created?
  • Full color backlit posters start with custom printed graphics, just like any other signs or pictures. The art is then digitally printed on special translucent film that allows light to pass through from behind, rather than just reflecting direct light back at the viewer. The special transparent films, such as Duratrans and other brands, come in a range of sizes and specs. For the best possible ink saturation, we use 9-mil polyester opaque films with a glossy finish that offers the best light diffusion in backlit signs.
  • The translucent base material is printed using a special high-density printing process with increased saturation. This process is called a "double pass" because the film is actually printed twice with the same art or image. This type of media overprinting leads to the deepest possible ink saturation for rich, full color, especially when lit from behind.
  • Backlit signs for commercial grade light box displays are designed to create high visibility signage. LED illuminated frames use back or edge lighting to force diffused light through the ink saturated Duratrans film or other translucent media, resulting in a glowing effect that makes art, photography and graphic designs stand out. Rich color and high contrast make this type of poster ideal for use in high traffic public areas where visibility is key.

Custom printed signage on translucent media is the ideal accessory for low-cost, highly energy-efficient illuminated LED light box displays. Specialized printing media and processes are designed specifically to create custom graphics that will capture the attention of passers-by, customers and patrons in any environment. The long lasting films use high ink saturation to reproduce images in bold, glowing colors that will complement any graphics, from simple menus to photographic advertisements to custom art, messaging and more.

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