Large Poster Cases | 30” x 40” & Up Wall Mount Sign Frames for Retail Use

Large Poster Cases | Aluminum Designs with Lockable Options & Different Frame Profiles

large poster case

Are you looking for a way to use large poster cases to present your art prints or advertising signage in your retail space? The large format sign displays for wall mounting are perfect for all kind of locations, like department stores, office buildings, and beauty salons. There are several different frame designs and colors for the chance to accentuate the décor of any setting. The large poster cases, also known as large format sign displays, start at 30" x 40" sizes and go up from there so they easily become the center of any marketing presentation. No matter the sizing of the promotional holder, it comes with a hinged door to promote easy access to the media inside. The aluminum large format sign displays are designed to hold up well in commercial locations even being frequently used. The large poster cases for art prints are available with several matting styles to accommodate the artwork that is to be placed inside the holder.

What makes these large format sign displays perfect for retail use?
  • These large poster cases are ideal for commercial placement because they are quickly noticed by customers due to the size of the images that are housed in them. It becomes easy to recognize advertising at a distance.
  • Also, these displays are designs that have easy change features for signs housed inside. The doors are placed on hidden hinges and the graphics can be quickly changed by employing the reusable mounting tabs. This feature is perfect for shops that frequently refresh promotional signage.
  • Lastly, each of these large poster frames comes in a lockable design that is exactly like its non-locking counterpart. The wall display uses a plunge lock in order to prevent any vandalism or theft to advertising signs and even on those cases that don’t lock, the door is keep tightly shut with the use of a gravity lock system.

These enclosures are offered in satin black, silver, and gold with polished versions also coming in the silver and gold designs. These are also made for indoor use with the exception of one sign display that has the ability to be placed outside and also incorporates dual locks. The large poster frames have the chance to be purchased with mats in black or white so customers can choose whichever color suits their art print and décor the best. Slim and wide border displays are available in every color sold in this category, again, to get the look you want. The commercial-grade sign holders are available in 30" x 40" sizes, but each style also comes in a larger 36" x 48" frame.

The lockable wall mounts are able to hold informational signage in schools, airports, office buildings, and college campuses. These same displays are able to promote sales, discount, and clearance events in any retail business, such as clothing stores, jewelry boutiques, or malls. Also, the wall frames are able to showcase artwork or prints that can help keep patrons or clients interested while they are patiently waiting someone to help them or wait on them. Restaurants, hotel lobbies, and public buildings are able to use the holders for that purpose and if they buy a lockable unit vandals can’t destroy the art inside.

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