Hinged Poster Frames | 24” x 36” Front-Loading Picture Holders for Walls

Hinged Poster Frames - Aluminum & Wood Sign Holders for Business & Retail Spaces!

hinged poster frame

Trying to find a hinged poster frames that makes changing large graphics easier? This front-loading swing open art framing is an easy to use display case that cuts down on the time it takes to refresh pictures. The hinged poster frames with aluminum and wood styles are able suit many kinds of décor and color palettes. The 24" x 36" holders are offered with several different kinds of borders. The hinged poster frames, called swing open art framing, are perfect for hanging in airport hallways, mall concourses, or hotel lobbies. Mats are available with some of these sign holders for the chance to display more than one size of photo. The swing open art framing for store advertising purposes helps to save counter space and add eye-catching pieces to draw customers into your location. The wall-mount displays are all able to open their doors to allow employees to attach the correct graphics for up-to-date marketing.

What distinguishes this swing open art framing from other picture displays on this site?
  • These hinged poster frames are have several features that separate them from other photo mounting options here, like these display cases use a gravity latch system to keep them shut without being lockable.
  • The poster frames are front-loading for the easy changing of graphics and because the plastic lens is actually part of the door there is no need to fool around with a separate overlay, like with snap frames that require layering of materials.

  • These enclosures are also available in aluminum and wood and are a bit more durable than others that are offered in the cheap and frameless categories. Also these metal and wooden sign holder mounts are sold in more color than just black and silver. The hinged poster displays are available in gold aluminum in polished and matte and the wood styles in several finishes.

There are some common features that are offered with these 24" x 36" photo mounting options, one of which is that they are all wall-mount frames. These holders are able to spruce up a space by using bare space on a wall not a counter or table. The display cases are typically offered in a thin or thick frame with a white or black mat being sold with the slim styles. The sign holders are also often sold in lockable and non-lockable frames for the ability to save customers money is possible. The doors of the wall mounts are easy to open and the picture are able to be changed fast by using clips or reusable adhesive tabs.

The large nature of these photo displays allow them to be the focal point in any setting and are especially useful in making hallways or waiting areas more interesting. Nothing is worse for a client or customer than to wait, but sometimes that cannot be avoided. Placing graphics or pictures in these eye-catching holders and hanging them in reception areas or on any bare wall instantly gives people something that can catch their attention for a bit. Businesses or schools can use the large hinged poster displays to pay special notice to a manager, employee, or student that people want to know or that have done something special and are being recognized for it. Because these front-loading mounts are so easy to change, the frame can be reused from month to month without a hassle or can be repurposed for to showcase another image else when needed.

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