Swing Open Poster Frames | Metal & Wood Displays for 22” x 28” Graphics

Swing Open Poster Frames - Enclosed Prints in Thin & Wide Border Displays

swing open poster frame

Does your business need swing open poster frames to help make refreshing enclosed prints easy? Look no further! These wooden and metal swinging door sign holders offer front access with hinged panels for fast picture changes. The swing open poster frames for art displays are designed to present a great look that is compatible with many different room décor options. All of these presentation case selections measure 22" x 28" and so are meant to really show off a favorite print in a waiting room or the newest advertising in a restaurant. The swing open poster frames, such as swinging door sign holders, are so easy to use and that is what makes them so popular. The wall mount aluminum or wood cases make a statement wherever they are hung and will attract people to them and your business.

Where are these swinging door sign holders typically placed to draw attention?
  • The swing open poster frames are usually placed on walls in waiting rooms, receptions areas, or business lobbies to give clients something to gaze at while they are in wait
  • The swinging door sign holders for movie graphics are great for theaters, but can also easily be placed in a restaurant to show off the latest menus items or in a department store to broadcast sales in a way they won’t be missed.
  • The poster frames are perfect for hanging in residential areas as well. Affix the aluminum or wood picture displays to share your favorite art print with guests or family or showcase a favorite show or movie picture in your entertainment area.

These enclosures are designed with an affordable price range and in several styles so that any business or home owner can use the front access cases in their space. All of these selections are wall mount only and are designed with easy access doors no matter if the swing open poster display is wood or aluminum. All the enclosed prints are covered with a plastic panel to help keep them safe from damage and any dust that might accumulate on them. The selections will either attach the art by either pressing it into the front of the frame of by using provided clips on the backing to mount the graphics there. Those easy change features paired with the front access door are what make the swing open poster displays so well-loved by business and home owners alike. The aluminum frames are available in black, gold, or silver and may come with mats, some even black and white borders, for a bevy of appealing presentation options; however, the exterior-rated mount does not come with mats, but does have dual locks to prevent vandalism. These displays are also available with several different border styles, like beveled, slim, or concave. The wood selections remain and they are a bit more expensive than their metal counterparts. These frames also come with slim or wide profiles and may or may not lock or have mats. There are several finishes available and those range from honey maple to mahogany to black. It may not be easy to choose among the various enclosed wall mount selections, but you can be assured that all cases do their presentation job well, whether that is a scene from a movie or a big clearance poster!

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