Swing Open Sign Frames | Plastic, Wood & Aluminum Holders with Swinging Doors

Swing Open Sign Frames | Modern & Traditional Enclosures for Advertisements

swing open sign frame

Want to use swing open sign frames as a way to create easy change picture holders at your business? These wall-mount, hinged signage displays are great because they make switching out posters a breeze due to their swinging doors. The picture holders feature the graphics either attached to the backboard or fitted directly into the enclosure for easy access so that once the image is remounted the panel can be closed and the process is complete. The swing open sign frames, like hinged signage displays, come in several different sizes to accommodate many posters large and small. The image enclosures are only designed to be mounted on walls, which is able to save counter space and eliminates using easels or other floor standing units that can get in the way of customers. The wood & aluminum swing open sign frames are able to create contemporary or classic looks depending on which style of case is used. The hinged signage displays with acrylic panels are able to keep posters inside safe from dirt and damage while adding the finish touch to your wall mount enclosure. The aluminum and wood holders are affordable for cost-effective, high-quality fixtures.

What are some of the distinguishing features of these hinged signage displays?
  • The swing open sign frames really have three features that can be used to separate this category: material, size, & finish/color.
  • The easy change sign frame is either made of plastic, wood or metal, specifically aluminum. All bases are durable and will be long lasting.
  • The swing open sign holders do have similar designs so size is an important factor to consider when completing your purchase. The measurements range here from 8.5" x 11" up to 18" x 24".
  • These displays come in several finishes and colors. The ability to choose cherry wood, clear plastic, or a black or silver aluminum frame allows owners to create a cohesive color palette for their lobby or showroom.

These holders also come with a few additional features. All but very few of these cases with swinging doors use a patented gravity system that helps them to remain closed and prevent unwanted opening. The vast majority of these displays come without mats, but those that do may offer multiple matting options. Also, many of these swing open sign holders are only intended for indoor use, but those that are exterior-rated also lock tight.

These picture holders create advertising opportunities for many businesses. Restaurants may find these professional-looking, easy change cases ideal for holding poster designs of new items, specials, or even the menus itself. They could be hung in the lobby for customers to look at while waiting for a table. Showrooms and upscale boutiques could also use these frames to place special marketing for clients regarding sales, incentives, or to highlight new lines of clothing, vehicles, or jewelry. High class hotels and business can also place these swinging door frames in view of waiting patrons to advertise new museum exhibits or the latest night club. Because many of these wall mount frames already appear upscale they won’t look out of place in any of these venues when used for advertising. There are other design that are a bit more casual and are perfect for offices or department stores that need to broadcast information to consumers or employees.

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