These Poster Frames with Curved Designs Make Sign Postings Pop!

Wall-Mounted Sign Holder
21-1/2" x 45"
poster hanger
27-1/2" x 45"
poster hangers
21-1/2" x 81"
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Wall-mounted Poster Holder
27-1/2" x 81"
poster holder
8-1/2" x 11"
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22" x 28"
Curved Poster Frame
22" x 28"
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24 x 36 Poster Frame
24" x 36"
theater poster frames 27 x 40
27" x 40"
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27" x 41"
Convex Poster Frames
36" x 48"

One of the most effective ways to get marketing messages and advertisements noticed is to use a curved poster frame. The innovative layout makes postings appear as though they are popping out from the wall on which they are mounted. As a result, the poster frames are much more successful at communicating with onlookers. Passersby are powerless to the intrigue associated with one-of-a-kind readymade holders, which is why they are so helpful. These poster frames are also great because they can be loaded, unloaded, and reloaded in no time at all. Each configuration has either grooved cutouts or a removable lens that allows for straightforward sign changes. These poster frames, often called ready-made art displays, are crafted from the highest quality materials to ensure they will last for years to come in any environment. Are all of the models built specifically for wall mounting? Absolutely not, as there are tabletop poster frames too. Surf the comprehensive selection to locate the most viable display for your particular application.

Poster Frame

Perhaps the most common place to see a curved poster frame is at a movie theater. Owners often take advantage of the readymade fixtures as a means to display coming attractions and future events. There are a couple of print holders in this category that will accommodate movie sized postings. No matter what size is purchased though, every unit will add a three-dimensional appearance to inserted graphics. The special shape of the print art fixtures enables businesses to stand out from their competitors. Any location interested in showing a notice or bill will likely want to be able to perform updates rather quickly, which is another excellent reason for purchasing one of these styles. Users can simply flex the lens to remove out-dated signage. New sign displays are then positioned securely beneath the overlay. Probably the most popular feature is that most of the art fixtures need not be removed from the wall for updates. In addition, mounting them is relatively simple because the required installation hardware is enclosed with each purchase.

What is a non-glare lens and how does it work? Readymade Poster Framing

Smaller units can be used to label office doors and other locations throughout corporate offices and buildings. Some businesses also use the print holders to provide a customizable platform for showcasing information outside of shared or multipurpose rooms. Conference areas are sometimes labeled with a sign, graphic, or message that is specific to that day's proceedings. Bulk purchasing is available for every model, so buyers can outfit their entire establishments with a matching batch. The resulting presentation is both professional and uniform, which is very important to serious companies. Conventional art or sign holders are usually flat and lackluster. A fashionable display is much more likely to catch the attention of those passing by. In addition, all of the holders for postings will hang in either landscape or portrait orientation for versatile setups. Put up just one or several frames to develop a clear and readable directory. For the letterhead sizes, users can even print out their own sign displays from any office printer.

Will any of the curved poster framing options accept matting? Ready-Made Frame for Postings

Tons of businesses are searching for the most creative ways to garner exposure. The hope is that more attention will increase sales and ultimately profits. These curved picture holders do exactly that by captivating bystanders. Everyone will stop and notice the marketing sign presentations in these art fixtures. No matter what the application may be, these print displays are easy to put up and will certainly serve their purpose.

There are other popular styles, including movie poster displays, counter mats, clip frames, deluxe stands, outdoor swing-open enclosures, and other readymade fixtures, that are all kept in high quantities at our three on-site shipping facilities. offers a collection that is so expansive that customers sometimes become overwhelmed as to what to buy. When this happens and concerns or questions come up, feel free to contact our professional and courteous customer support office. Just dial 1-800-572-2194 to talk with one of our experts. The company call center is staffed Monday through Thursday from 8 a.m. to 6:30 p.m. and Fridays from 8 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. EST. There is also an online instant messaging service for even more convenience. Click on the "live chat" icon to access the feature. Of course, E-mail is the old standby if the service is unavailable. Whether you need a 21-1/2 x 45 wave display, a 27-1/2 x 81 holder with a convex front, or a set of 24 x 36 curved frames, there are solutions that can be found in one of the categories. Additionally, placing in-stock orders before 1 p.m. during the regular work week will qualify your items for same-day shipment. Custom and freight-shipped orders are not eligible, so be sure to read the details on each item page. Look through the immense collection of premium quality framing supplies and add the best selections to your location!