These Poster Frames have Elegant Aluminum Rails!

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Poster Frames come with Aluminum Rails

These upscale aluminum poster frames utilize snap open rails to grip banners and graphics! A placard like this which mounts to the ceiling is ideal for hanging any length of picture, print, sign, movie art or sale notice. These poster frames are ideal for hanging graphics in retail stores, office buildings, and car show rooms. Movie theaters and art galleries can use these displays to showcase upcoming films or events. Poster frames like these make changing graphics quick and simple. How are these signs mounted? The poster frames offered here anchor into the ceiling easily with either nylon cord or linked chains based systems which are sold separately on this website. These displays are the perfect for companies looking to free up valuable floor space. Other poster frames offered include wall mounted exhibits, hanging systems, photo holders, and more! When graphics are hung from the ceiling with these aluminum poster frames, they tend to attract more attention than regular holders. These sign holders are able to hold either a double sided graphic or two back to back images. These poster frames that hang from the ceiling are perfect for custom graphics or signs with varying widths and lengths. The unit offered here is made up of two independent top and bottom rails which allow for hosting any sized image. Poster frames can be used to inform customers and clients of upcoming events, new items or services, and much more! Any type of postings from a simple graphics printed at the local printing house or franchise supplied prints can be accented by hanging them with this aluminum placard. These poster frames are different from many other display options for the images are hosted in quick change plastic rails!

Where else aside from retail locations can a sign system like this be used? Poster Frames for Hotels and Banks

These aluminum poster frames are top of the line! Nylon line or chains are used by the hanging signs and photo placards to hold prints and pictures. These nylon or chain lines are available on our website to be purchased separately from the units offered in this category. We offer over 200,000 in-stock hanging placards which are stored in three fully stocked and shipment ready warehouses which are all local to our corporate headquarters. On our site one can find photo displays for prints which are among our top selling items! Hanging systems, like the aluminum rail system offered here, create a pleasant way to present different postings like a photo, picture, or can be used with several different units to form a group of signs. Large photo holders are used in retail to display promotions, sales, store hours, new items, and more. These snap open hanging systems with elegant aluminum top and bottom rails will display any custom banner. Any size banner will fit with these hanging systems for the top and bottom pieces are independent of each other and easily mount to the north and south ends of any print or picture. Other photo holders used to display a readymade print include illuminated light boxes which are one of our many in-stock items. Wall hanging photo systems will get messages or graphics noticed. Promote new items or services with wall hanging signs and increase the bottom line by not having to replace the entire advertising display but simply just the graphic! Select from 1000's of styles to fit any environment needed! Attending a trade show? Be sure to look at the FORTE and Brava lines in the deluxe graphic stands section!

What sizes and configurations do these units come in? Poster Frames for Ceiling Mounting

These hanging systems snap open and shut for quick and easy graphic changes. Considered an economy model, the plastic rails are more affordable than other hanging units and come with elegant aluminum mounting rails. All hanging systems for signs, prints, pictures and art are sold at low wholesale discount prices. With 100's and 100's of styles, and the largest in-stock inventory, why pay more for the same item from another manufacturer? Almost all of the items sold on AllPosterFrames ship in 24 hrs. Check item details for more information detailing pricing and shipment. Queries? Please feel free to contact customer service for answers to all display queries. We are available in to be reach in several ways. Any time of the day or night our consumer can e-mail us at Our toll-free number 1.800.572.2194 and our live chat feature, available throughout the website, are active Monday Friday 9:00am to 5:00pm EST. 1000's of graphic displays are produced, stocked, and shipped from Save $100's or even $1000's by purchasing banner hangers straight from the original source! As the producer, manufacturer, and distributor, costs are cut, & those savings get passed directly to our customers in the lowest prices online. Shop today to find the best matching display for your needs at the lowest prices!