8.5 x 11 Sign Holder for Tabletop or Wall, Hinged Door, Curved - Clear

Sign Frame
  • Desirable Curved Concave Look
  • Multiple Viewing Angles for Portrait or Landscape Orientations
  • Swing-Open Front Panel
  • For both Counter Usage or Wall Mounting
  • Indestructible Polycarbonate Material- Not Acrylic!


Poster Frame has Landscape or Portrait, Counter or Wall Mounting!

PixQuick is the Newest and Latest in poster frame holders! The placard offered here not only has a plethora of mounting options but it can also host any type of sign, bill, print, notice card, picture, or art. This clear curved poster frame does it all! This art holder features a sleek curved design which makes any postings that much more appealing. The poster frame with a convex curve creates an attractive looking display in your place of business. This placard is ideal for 8-1/2"w x 11"h portrait print advertisements straight from your printer as the art holder can be angled in many positions. One furniture store, who purchased our this poster frame, had very low coffee tables and found that placing the display at an "almost flat" 75 degree viewing angle engaged customers to look "downward" at both the display in the holder and the coffee table! Users can pick the best angle for the environment and the hosted postings. However, please note that for 11"w x 8-1/2"h landscape printed images, the design only allows for one set angle.

In addition to acting as a curved counter poster frame, this unit can be mounted on walls! Two screws and plastic anchors are included with each sign and users can mount on the wall in either landscape or portrait orientations. The poster frame with hinged swing-open door allows the merchant to quickly change out graphics without dismounting from the wall! Just swing open the front panel, insert your prints, cards, signs, notices, picture or art and snap shut the swinging front cover. This poster frame, also known as an image holder, is as versatile as it handsome.

PixQuick's Best Feature- it is made from very high quality Polycarbonate! Most poster frames in the marketplace are fabricated from acrylic. How many times has your acrylic sign placard fallen onto the ground and cracked? With this graphic unit, poster frame we can just about say "this display is unbreakable". We stood on this readymade placard, jumped up and down many times, and it (the PixQuick) did not break!


Overall Width x Height 8.8" x 11.1"
Features Angled / Slant Back, Curved
Material Polycarbonate
Color Clear
Media Size 8.5" x 11"
Orientation Portrait, Landscape
Loading / Door Style Swing-Open
Placement Style Counter / Tabletop, Wall Mounted
Viewable Width x Height 8.5" x 11.0"

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If you are looking for a new and improved way to advertise in a retail or commercial environment, or simply add more style to your home''s decor, you have stopped at the right site! Buy a PixQuick Curved Poster frame, also known as a graphic holder today. This revolutionary placard is the unbreakable answer to hosting postings. these poster frame are essential for interior design and can serve as effective solutions for sales and marketing as well! These poster frame are part of our extensive online collection of photo frames, poster hangers, picture frames, and movie poster display products. By keeping photos, pictures and art prints, on display in the home, you will constantly be reminded of good times, loved ones, and be inspired by great art. Commercially, potential clients and consumers are drawn to indoor and outdoor signage promoting upcoming events, daily specials, or coming attractions. The products also help to preserve your art prints, pictures, or movie posters, under acrylic or glass lenses. These ready made are available in a wide variety of styles, sizes, or materials. Larger poster holders can encase and preserve vintage art prints or movie posters. This is why these are a necessity for any advertising, marketing, or decorative solution!

This Poster Frame is made from Polycarbonate Plastic. Products such as these poster frames are highly versatile as well as functional, and will only help produce results. These Poster Frames with Curved Designs Make Sign Postings Pop! and just like ready made, they are available in a number of sizes and/or styles. When using ready made as your main focus, these poster frame will offer residential, commercial, retail, and food service establishments an affordable way to preserve, protect, and showcase new movie posters, art prints, or daily sales specials with professionalism. These bill poster frame are ideal for presenting information, promotions, or advertisements. Additionally, your restaurant or retail store will never look better! Project sophistication with picture frames, poster hangers, light boxes or modern sign stands, and do so affordably!

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