Sidewalk Signs for Outdoor Advertising

A-Frame Signs - Portable, Double-Sided Displays with or without Weighted Bases

sidewalk sign

Trying to find sidewalk signs to attract attention at your store or business? These metal and plastic sandwich boards are the best advertising displays to get the most bang for your buck. Not only are the outdoor stands going to bring in passersby from the curb, but also they are highly portable and can be easily moved to wherever they are needed. The A-frame signs, like sandwich boards are able to be easily and quickly changed by inserting new advertising into snap frames, sliding new panels into existing channels, or by attaching them to magnetic backboards. These displays get noticed because of their professional looking graphics and not hand lettered messages. There are sidewalk signs for outside use that employ weighted bases so that they can stay out in windy weather. The retail sandwich boards are an easy way to increase customer traffic and item sales without putting a whole lot of effort forward on the part of the owner. Just insert advertising into your stand, place the pavement sign where people will see it, and bring it in at night or during really bad weather. It’s that easy to draw-in new patrons!

What are the available sizes of advertising that can be placed in the sandwich boards?
  • These A-frame signs are available to display several different sizes of poster.
  • The steel and aluminum stands will hold marketing that measures 20" x 30", 22" x 28", 24" x 26" & 30" x 40" in several types of outdoor framing.
  • The plastic curb displays showcase business promotions that are 22" x 28", 24" x 36", 30" x 40", and even taller with the 44" and 57" high easily changeable models.
A-frame signs

While the large majority of these sidewalk message displays have some common features, like the ability to attract attention outside, there are some definite differences among the metal and plastic pavement signs. The steel signs and some of the aluminum models too come with headers that are attached to the upper part of the frame while some of the plastic models come with sign channels that will allow for messages to be placed on top of the hinges. Also, as stated previously, these models are mainly meant for use outside, some are more wind and weather-resistant than others because of their heavy-duty springs, weatherproof snap frames, or bases that allow for water inside for extra weight.

While the sidewalk message displays are commonly seen sitting at the curb of a business in a city setting, it is just as feasible for pavement signs to attract attention placed outside of a country store. These displays are versatile which is why they can be used in a multitude of settings. Any business that wants to promote a sale, special event, or new line of merchandise will find these changeable advertising stands a necessity. Retail boutiques, large department stores, and many other industries can place the portable outdoor display in front of their city location, while a country bar or restaurant can set the stand near their entrance to let everyone know what is on special that night, who the entertainment will be, or even if they are open for business. No matter what kinds of businesses are using the promotional signs they are sure to see an increase in customer traffic!