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Poster Rail - Hanging Poster Holds Banners with Plastic or Metal Frames

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What makes these wholesale hanging posters viable options for in store advertising campaigns? The print hangers are capable of accommodating all sorts of ready-made prints, sale signage and art work. Ceiling displays have durable frames that support the custom advertisements and reduce the likelihood that the graphics will fall to the ground. The promotional frames feature low price points to fit into the budget of any company starting a new marketing strategy. These affordable poster rails with sturdy fabrications, also known as suspended banner systems, come in different styles to best fit the setting. Print hangers can be purchased with a plastic or metal construction depending upon the desired aesthetic. Both styles of ceiling displays secure the graphic with a clip or snap action bracket. The suspended banner systems come in many different sizes to accommodate the specific dimensions of the image. Promotional frames are designed to present images of a specific width. The suspended banner systems accommodate images of any length because the top and bottom pieces are independent from each other. These hanging posters may be attached to a ceiling, slatwall or glass window depending upon the model purchased. Economical rails are commonly found in retail stores, movie theaters, restaurants and other successful businesses. These posters can capture the attention of customers and passersby.

suspended banner system

Where do advertisers install the suspended banner systems in the establishment?

  • These poster rails are frequently setup in the storefront window to invite customers into the establishment from the sidewalk. Proprietors can elect to hang the framing from the ceiling or directly on the glass. Many of the metal snap and plastic clip frames allow advertisers to create a double sided message. Have one ad facing the street and another aimed at shoppers.
  • Many retail stores have aisles and sections designated for specific product lines or services. Retailers and grocers can inform customers where the desired merchandise is by suspending the print hangers from the ceiling. Even the most oblivious browser will notice the graphics when used correctly.
  • The versatile display frames can be used in almost any area that receives a great deal of notice in the store. There are snap framing options with clips for insertion into a slat wall. A few display frames come with suction cups for mounting the print hangers to any non-porous surface.

These snap poster supports are capable of aiding the advertising efforts of businesses across many industries. Ceiling frames may present large graphics depicting the latest product lines, an upcoming sale or event, or pertinent company information. Increase name brand notoriety by using the supports. Employees at a film house, boutique, department stores or other establishment can quickly slide the image into the metal snap or plastic frames. The framing snaps open and shut to clasp onto the promotions. Although chains or nylon lines are not included with ceiling displays, the installation process is straightforward and managers will not have a problem attaching the print hangers to the desired surface. Build large scale advertising campaigns without taking up any valuable floor space.